Insecurity leads to jealousy. Don’t be a deadbeat who blames the whole world for everything, except himself.  Insecure and jealous people becomes selfish and make decisions that can hurt their futures. Self-confident people are jealous of no one. It may sound egoistic, as they feel they are better than others. There is no jealousy, instead the world is jealous of them. They not insecure about if God loves them or what will happen if they do not go to heaven. They don’t worry whether God will be just in His grace nor pray so that their businesses are successful. They not insecure about their abilities, talents, and their efforts. More than enjoying success, they enjoy using their skills. That is the fun of this game of life. Even spirituality becomes a game. If spiritual Masters can attain everything, they, too, feel it is within their capacity. The only thing to decide is if they want it. Once decided, it will automatically happen. Enthusiasm for life, with positive thinking, can only happen to a very secure person. All obstacles are only hurdles to be run so they can easily win. Being around such people will uplift you. — Satish Daryanani