We get a lot of messages and videos from family and friends. Some are inspiring. We get motivated to follow the teachings, which make complete sense. They are for our benefit. Some of us may or may not benefit. Yet the next day, everything goes back to normal. The message now becomes a memory. In a few days or weeks later, another message may inspire us. Then we forget it. Reading, listening, watching, and getting inspired for a short time leads us nowhere. Only when the words of inspiration become a blueprint in our lives do the words have value. The inspirer’s purpose is served. He may not know it worked. He is just throwing seeds of wisdom out in the universe. Some may germinate. When words of inspiration pierce the depths of your heart, transformation takes place automatically. These words told to me changed me: “Haven’t you enjoyed eating enough flesh? Now it is time for seeds of grace to germinate in your heart.” “The way to thank the spiritual Masters is to spread the teachings.” “You are a product of fun, so have fun in this life.” “Whatever is due to you will come to you.” “The only freedom in life is your reaction to the drama of life.” These inspirational words have become some of my anchors in life. — Satish Daryanani

Sprouted seedling in rocky earth