If the best player of our team is injured and we lose, we can use the excuse that we lost because of the player’s injury. On the other hand, in spite of losing the best player on the team, we can still win. The difference between the two words shows your character. “In spite of” all the challenges, I am still at peace. I still have faith. “Because of” all that, my peace is disturbed. I cannot understand how God is heartless. The situations are the same. It depends from which angle we see them. If everything is perfect then you are peaceful, happy, you win championships, become successful, do your charity, and have faith in God. Big deal! It is easy. When every possible challenge comes in your life and in spite of that you are all of the above, then you deserve a reward. The victory is sweet. When everyone around you thinks you will fail and you still do not give up, that shows your real strength. We admire people like these. They have the hearts of champions. Most people use the words “because of” as an excuse for their failures. “In spite of” becomes an inspiration to the world. You choose, in spite of everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen that you will not get affected. I will still always roar and say, “I am on the top of the world. I have the pedigree of champions.” — Satish Daryanani

Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson