What is your intention in reading this thought? You are just wasting your precious time. What is your intention towards attaining God realization? What are your intentions toward doing good in this world? All of them have the same answer. You have nothing better to do and want to feel good. If that is your intention for everything you do in life, then your intentions are perfect. We are here on earth without our free will. Now it is up to us to use our free will to utilize this time correctly. We could waste it breaking our heads on useless things, or, waste it in enjoying lesser useless things, like spirituality. Even those who serve have the intention of becoming famous and getting a free ticket to heaven, or serve out of gratitude as to why God gave them more than they need. Writing these thoughts is fine to get appreciation from others or to enjoy confusing others—anything for entertainment. Even the Spiritual Masters know your intention in following them. They know who the real seekers are and bestow upon them the grace to spread their teachings. God knows the intention in your prayers, whether it is to get more and more free stuff or if it is the sincere longing for the love of your life. Even the intention to make money is to spend more, save more, or just enjoy the game of making money. Then, you can share it with others, as if it were only Monopoly money. My real intention in life is to live as long as there is a purpose for me. Please get rid of me as soon as I become like used chewing gum. — Satish Daryanani

Sign showing ambition and intention