We say one thing and think of another, while our intentions could be totally different. Spiritual Masters know the true intentions of their disciples. Even God knows the true intentions behind our prayers and love and service to Him. Even when people are nice and show their love to us, we do not know their true intentions. I have a weakness, I am blunt, and offer no sugar-coating. When I say something, I mean it and my actions show my true intentions. Even with God and spiritual Masters, there is no B. S. between us. It is what it is. I have no fear nor do I concern myself with the feelings of others. I know that is wrong but at least I am not trying to play the goody-goody type with my intentions being something different. My life is an open book. Showing more empathy along with good intentions is a perfect balance. I have to work on it. Thankfully, the Lord knows that our relationship comes with no strings attached. He knows what He is getting and still continues to be connected with me. — Satish Daryanani