Youth can learn from the experiences of an older person, yet, the generation gap makes it hard to interact. Sometimes, we feel that the older generation is more conservative, as they see life differently. They have limited time and do not like taking risks. They live in the past, while the young live in the future. It’s not easy to reach a happy medium. We still should have respect and seek their blessings. Elders are, sometimes unable to progress in their spiritual evolution, as they spend more time making ends meet. Younger people may be able to go deeper in their spiritual evolution, as they may not have seen a lot of hardships and thus have less fear. Above all, youngsters are not bound by the rituals and dogmas of organized religions. They are free-spirited and do not get caught up in rituals and seeking approval from society. For elders and youth to see eye-to-eye is not easy, yet there can be love and appreciation of each other’s points of view. Both may be correct, based on the times in which they live. There is no point in putting anyone down. Instead, see the strengths of each generation: the hard work, patience, simplicity, family values, and reverence of the older generation and the spontaneity, fearlessness, carefreeness, social justice, and environment-friendly attitudes of the younger generation. One could have the best from both the generations and become a truly wise person. — Satish Daryanani

Young man and old man