This thought is written for me, as this is one of my biggest weaknesses in life. Impulse comes from ego, impatience, greed, and is based on one’s karmic past. Intuition comes from the grace of God, purity in heart, a neutral mind and being able to see the big picture. Most of the hurdles in my life have arisen because I am very impulsive and do not give time to my intuition to guide me. After having been beaten up for so many years, I am finally surrendering myself completely to my intuition. Let me give God the chance to guide me before I let my mind make all the decisions. Impulse comes from the animalistic instincts that we have carried with us; whereas intuition is a gift given only to human beings. If your intuition is poor, like mine is, take time to think and ask others to help you in making decisions. Always say, “I will think about it and let you know.” It gives you time to avoid being impulsive and then having to keep on apologizing for what you did or said.Satish Daryanani