The new iPhone 12 Pro has improved battery life, a scratch-resistant screen, 5G capability. It is larger in size, has better software, cameras,and display than in past models. All these upgrades are being introduced in the same year. Let’s see our upgrades from last year: The virus came, and now the anti-virus is our priority. We don’t care about upgrades on flights—we just want to be able to fly on planes. We don’t complain about traffic jams en route to our workplaces—at least we can go to work. Kids don’t complain about getting up early to go to school—at least they are in school. Often we reject the new model of our lives and want to go back to the last year’s model. We complain that we miss our normal lives filled with our old complaints. We all want the iPhone 11 back in our lives—not appreciating the new upgrades made within us this year that will make us more efficient and scratch-proof to all that life brings us. — Satish Daryanani

iPhone 12 Pro