Ask yourself, “Was all that I did in life worth it?” Before you take on anything, see if it is really worth all the aggravation and stress you might have to go through. Are you doing it for ego, money, power, service, or just out of boredom? Most of what we do really is of no value. For me, everything I do is only for one purpose—my entertainment. I travelled with my spiritual Masters to entertain myself by pushing their buttons. I seek God so I can try to play with His head. I work on experiencing peace to see if I can turn peace into pieces. I am seeking wisdom so I can have new material for the thoughts I send out daily. I make money so I can spend more on entertaining myself. I serve so I can enjoy the reaction of others. I try to walk 20,000 steps daily, so I can entertain myself by eating delicious food. So, when I come close to my end, I can truly say that everything was worth it, as I entertained myself for 80 years. — Satish Daryanani