In a movie I saw, an employee of an intelligence agency took a great risk and leaked information to protect innocent lives. She went through major obstacles and was told, “It is only a job. You are only doing this for a paycheck, so leave it alone. Don’t get involved.” Her struggle showed the person’s character, to put her own freedom on the line for the sake of what is right. To have a strong backbone is not easy. Others, too, saw the same wrong taking place, yet no one said anything. Most of us feel we have a job to do and, if things do not go our way, we quit and move on. Only the brave go against the flow. We, too, are all here for a job. The location and type of the job might change over the years, but the real job does not. How you do it is up to you. Our real Boss is the same, the managers are different. The real Boss does not need cameras to see our honesty and sincerity. He will even tempt and test us. We have to pass His examination. We feel the Boss does not know we exist in the 8 billion work force, that He has forgotten to give us a bonus or promotion. He is not fair, as some make more money by doing less than others. The Boss is enjoying the show, watching the reactions of each one of us while we do our jobs. — Satish Daryanani