Many people leave their countries and families and move to different places for work. Many do not even have time to eat their meals properly. One day, he or she realizes, “What am I doing all this for? After the stress and sacrifice, what do I have in hand?” We say all this is for the family. So, if a person took care of his family and suddenly died of a heart attack at the age of 55, did he really live? There are a few who want more while they are alive. They start reading spiritual books to find answers and take pilgrimages to discover the meaning of life. They even ask others for help. To find the meaning of life, you need to find a person who has lived and found the answer. All that you will learn is that everything is within you. The only job you have is to find the real you. All that you did got you nowhere. Until this job of finding your true employer and the true Boss is complete, your life is not. So, please spend time in silence for your retirement. That inner wealth you share with your family members is priceless. — Satish Daryanani