We start being away from God, then a guide comes into our lives and shows us the way toward God. With grace, we reach a stage where we are on a journey with God. The load in your life will be reduced. The immediate difference is that you are not alone. A new friend is with you always. There will be no need to ask anyone for guidance. All your questions will be answered immediately. No worldly family, or friends, are needed to entertain you. Everyday you will experience something new. You will have no goals or destinations to reach, no speed-breakers or speeding tickets. Just a wonderful, endless journey with your new Buddy. Life becomes so smooth that you will enjoy being alive. Complaints are only in your rear-view mirror. Your ignorance of life is in the past. No one will understand you no matter how hard you try to explain. Only you will be able to see your new friend. People might even think you are crazy. So keep your new friend only in your heart. Inspire others if you can but do not get disappointed if they do not take your path. You will be questioned. Your answers will be spontaneous, as you will be talking about the love of your life. Hopefully others get the gift of completing their journey of life with God. — Satish Daryanani

Path of God, an illustration of a clear path up the mountain