We enjoy the fancy wrappings of a gift box but may not like what is inside. We judge people by the way they look, talk and behave. We do not know if they are real or superficial. The spiritual Masters have a gift. They see the real person within. They know who the genuine seekers are and who have the foundation to grasp all that is from within. They pour their time, energy, grace and wisdom upon them. Slowly, the seeker experiences all that the spiritual Masters want them to enjoy. To the rest of the world, they may still appear to be lost souls, as the exterior packaging has not changed. We have a very limited vision of life which is dominated with right and wrong, black and white, good and bad, and so on. We are not in school anymore so we have to see the big picture—who is doing, who is experiencing, who is judging, who has discovered the who, and who knows which who is in the box. By putting on makeup, it does not mean that the person is beautiful but, when the spiritual beauty comes out, no makeup is needed. Satish Daryanani