For many years, my spiritual Master emphasized: Know the Knower. I was young and did not put in my full effort nor make it a priority in my life. After He left his body in 2002, I felt sad that I did not give Him this gift. Honestly, there is nothing in the world greater than these words of wisdom. There are many books and teachings spread all over the world to inspire everyone to get this simple truth. Yet, only a handful put in that effort. One of the aspects by which to know the knower is grace. Even the One who wants to bestow this grace does not have customers for it. As I was one of them, I understand. The only reason for knowing the knower cannot be explained except by saying, “I am that.” There is very poor marketing, so the true value cannot be comprehended. Once you get it, put me on your blocked list, as these thoughts will not be needed.— Satish Daryanani