I wish I knew all the languages of the world. There would be so much fun communicating. It would be so easy even to spread the teachings. I use Google Translate to send these thoughts in Spanish but, sometimes, the real essence is lost. Certain things written in Latin or Sanskrit lose meaning when translated. The language in which we dream or talk to ourselves is our main language. When we talk to God, that is the language of love. He understands all languages, but He loves the language of feelings, not words. As you grow in your spiritual path, there is nothing to say, no language. It just happens: wisdom without words, experiencing grace without saying, “Thank you.” There is clarity in everything, without questions or answers. This is how all can communicate, with one language that all can understand. Examples of universal language are music and a smile. Even though you may be, like me, not good at learning languages, once divinity radiates from you, everyone will be able to understand you. The language of love is pouring from you. Then you are spreading the teachings, not with words, but with your presence.— Satish Daryanani