Before the sports season starts, you can bet on which team will win the championship. The trade of a player from one team to another, or a player’s injury, can change the odds. When you are born, what are odds of becoming a saint, a doctor, a scientist, or any other profession? The surroundings around you influence your outcome. I was born in a businessman’s family and was also surrounded by spiritual Masters from birth. The outcome was that my income comes from business and my thoughts are consumed by my Masters and their teachings. Yet my anger, ego, impatience, selfishness, and lust came from the collective karma of my past. If Las Vegas knew all this information, they could give odds on the outcome of life. It is so simple to know the outcome of everyone’s life. What we are born with along with the influence of our current surroundings helps determine our current status. But there is a very big factor that Vegas cannot predict—grace. Grace can change all the odds and the outcome of your life. With the grace of the Masters, all that I came with and was surrounded with changed my outlook in life. Those who bet in Vegas on me would have lost their money. Getting peace and wisdom is only through grace. Sending these thoughts is from grace. Experiencing God is grace. So the Vegas odds can change not only from injuries and trades, but also from grace.— Satish Daryanani