When I was young, I would wish that my last breath would take place while I was looking at my Spiritual Master. Today, it could happen while I am writing this thought. Every time I exhale, it feels like I am taking my last breath but, again, I inhale and I am told, “Not yet.” Some people would like to go while they are around their friends and family members. Others would want to be thinking of God. There are many who would want to fulfill their bucket list. I only have one request, “Please let me see the new James Bond movie. Take me before the movie begins, or after the movie ends, but not during the movie.” When Mahatma Gandhi was shot, his last words were, “Hey Ram.” If I was shot, my last words would be, “What took you so long?” The last breath has no value, as it will happen when my quota of breaths is over. Those who have God’s image permanently with them know they are with God now, in the physical from, and will always be with God. We should neither seek a lot of breaths nor be so depressed that they wish this was their last breath. — Satish Daryanani