I know people who, while laughing, have tears falling from their eyes. Many times, I meet people who, when they talk about spirituality, cry from longing for the truth. There are some who do not cry or laugh. I have seen spiritual Masters who have belly laughter. Yet, when they talk of their Masters, or of their love for the Lord, tears come to their eyes. Once, my Master had tears in His eyes from the love His disciples showered upon Him. He said, “This piece of dirt received the grace of the Lord. You see His hand working through me and it is this love that is being shown. It should be the love for the Lord, not for this good-for-nothing person.” It is the sign of a healthy person to have the ability to laugh and cry. Please, do not cry to complain or laugh at others misfortunes. Cry for longing, not for attachments or letting your feelings get hurt. Laugh at your own stupidity that you thought the world would end in 2012. Laugh that you think birth and death is real. Laugh if you think by satisfying your desires you will be happy. Laugh if you think you can change your wife. Above all, laugh if you think you are in control of what is happening in the world. Cry that you wasted so many years thinking this world was real. Cry that you tried to change everything but yourself. Cry that this will be the last Avengers movie. Above all, cry that you did not experience God, who was lying dormant within you. So, enjoy laughing and crying to spice up your life.—Satish Daryanani

laughing and crying triangular, stick dolls.