We are supposed to maintain our equanimity, yet the universe works on opposites, i.e. we have positive and negative energies. If you want more of something, you will have to face an opposite situation. Even the simplest thing like pleasure—you have to go through pain to get it. To enjoy the birth of new born baby, a mother has to go through pain. The more you seek God, peace, wisdom and spiritual experiences, the more your roasting increases. Why good people suffer is because in trying to be good the dirt collected in them has to be removed. So the joke is in seeking a lot of pain and suffering so that with the law of opposites, you might be overwhelmed with comfort and pleasure. Unfortunately this does not make you grow as an individual. Therefore, we say, “growing pains” and not “growing pleasures.” Mastery comes when we can get pleasure from pain. Satish Daryanani