Lawyers are needed when two parties agree or disagree on anything. If we all were honest and each of us kept our word, every lawyer would be out of a job. In most cases, both parties feel they are correct and honest. Who to believe? Lawyers are required to prove the honesty of the individual. When I was with my Master, I asked Him how to resolve some bad debts and if I could use a lawyer. He told me that, as a businessman, I could use a lawyer—but, as a spiritual aspirant, I should not, I should try to resolve it on my own. If there were losses, it is the will of God. Whatever is due to you will come. No one can take that from you. Perhaps, in error, more was given to you. Your account is being settled. These days, I still use lawyers for contracts. Hopefully, they are honored. If not, the other party is free from legalities and consequences. At least, let me do my part by honoring all the contracts that I have signed. A lot of jokes are made about lawyers, but they are needed to keep us on track. If you are able to forgive and forget, try not to use lawyers to go after your assets, even if someone has taken advantage of you. I have even taken advantage of my Masters and the Lord. This is my chance to pay them back. To my lawyer friends, I am not trying to reduce your business. Human greed is such you will always be needed. — Satish Daryanani