Sometimes we get so involved in things that we do not focus on spirituality or on God. In the last few days, my mind was so consumed by worldly matters that spiritual thoughts could not come. It felt like I had left God. Yet, God did not leave me. His hand of Grace is always upon me. That inner peace is always present no matter how much your duties consume you. After all the obstacles, you will always end up in a win-win situation for all parties concerned. Once you have connected with God while things are normal and calm, the storms of life do not really make you leave God. His friendship is permanent. This link can never be broken. You may sometimes feel guilty that the awareness is not there all the time. Yet if your life is a complete offering to the Lord, getting completely consumed at times in your duties and service is still thinking of the Lord. “Thank you, my dear friend, God. Even though I may only subconsciously think of You, You are always thinking of me.” — Satish Daryanani

Sun behind clouds over desert dunes