A dear friend taught me to give this reply. I answer very quickly and pay the price for it later. Once we say something, we must honor our word. If we spend time to contemplate, we can make correct decisions. Sometimes we pray and do not get answers right away. God, too, is telling us, “Let me think about it. I will let you know.” He has to be careful as everything He thinks about is for our long term benefit. He knows who wants money, name, fame, to serve, or to experience the ultimate treasure. Based on that, our prayers are answered. Even my spiritual Masters blessed people based on what they wanted in life. For example, when rich people wants blessings for more success to help others, then they earn more financial gain. On the other hand, when people want to spread the teachings, they are blessed with experiencing the teachings. To pause in life is a strength, to see all angles before you make a decision. See not only to your benefit, but also to be fair to all parties. If spiritual growth is important, see that your decision can also help you grow. Finally, you must think about if your decision will disturb your peace. Only then, let others know what you have decided in the fewest words possible. — Satish Daryanani