Let Me Think About It

The worst sentence in my life has been, “Let me think about it.” Sometimes while closing a sale, my customer would say this and walk away. I would feel as if I had lost an opportunity. Most people who say that don’t come back to buy the piece of jewelry. I wish I could do that more often so as to not get myself in trouble. My spiritual Masters would also give me this answer for some of the questions I asked them. They would not give me the answer, as I might have not been ready for it. God is like instant coffee—if you are ready for it you go through a rapid fire question-answer session. God’s problem is the opposite. Most people tell God, “Let me think about whether I need your help.” We think it is a weakness to run to God for even the smallest thing. Sometimes I have to tell myself, “Hmm, let me think about what I am going to write today.” Satish Daryanani