I am an impatient person. Even when I toast a slice of bread, I keep staring at the toaster waiting for the bread to turn brown. In business, the bigger the deal, the longer it takes to develop. When I started to meditate and practiced controlling the mind, my mind would wander. I used to discuss this with my spiritual Master and tell him that His grace and the repetition of the holy name given by Him were not working.  My Masters encouraged me not to give up. Last night, on television, a woman said she takes marijuana to help her relax and meditate. You do not need anything from outside to enjoy what you already have within. Let your development take place naturally, do not force it. Like the toast, if you want the correct crispness, let it develop. Some movies are slow, but, if you sit and see the entire movie, the conclusion can astonish you. Let the movie within you play. There is no conclusion, as it is a never-ending journey. The development of experiences can change your life. Your reactions change as you let the scenes of the movie develop. The more you let things develop, the greater the reward. If God and the Masters have patience with your evolution, so you, too, should have patience with their warming grace. Then the world can enjoy the fragrance of baking bread and eating the fresh, hot toast that comes out of the oven of self-discovery.— Satish Daryanani

baking cake in an oven