Some prisoners are given life sentences for the crimes they have committed. Some who are married, feel that they, too, have been sentenced to life imprisonment. A prisoner has no chance of reformation, just a lifetime of punishment. God, too, has given us a life sentence to be here on this earth plane. Some people, who are frustrated with life, question God as to why they are still alive. We have a lot of “why” questions for God. We are not able to understand the difference between punishment and reformation. We are here to grow, not to be condemned for life. This imprisonment of our physical form is so we can enjoy our evolution, not so we create a revolution against the will of God. What surprises me is that people get attached to this physical prison. We should serve our time with fun and joy, then move on to the real freedom. Let us grow in every aspect of this life sentence so, when we leave, we have no regrets that the time spent during this life sentence was wasted. — Satish Daryanani