Today is a day of lights, Diwali, for many people—a new year and, hopefully, a new beginning. The reason for the break in the 108 beads in the necklace used for mediation is so that it does not become so repetitive that you may fall asleep. Auspicious days are created for us to take breaks from our mundane lives. New clothes, clean surroundings, fireworks, special foods with no worry of calories, and thanking God for the past year. Hopefully we may even try to keep new promises. What is going to be my change? To see first the light within yourself is not that difficult, now to see the same light in everyone is the real challenge. Let’s start seeing the light in those we get along with, and then hopefully it may spread to the one who pushes you to your breaking point. Happy Diwali, everyone, and may you experience the cool white light of peace. Satish Daryanani