It’s very hard to be liked by everyone. I saw that quality in my spiritual Master. Many found them likable, even though many did not adhere to all their teachings. As a parent, your child might not find you likable at times when you have to do your job. Now how can you be found likable by God all the time? It’s simple. Do not question His will. He is the dictator, so cherish His will. We are too dumb to understand. Being likable does not mean you have to be a doormat to the world. Hold your ground but be polite in the way you speak. I do not possess this quality, so I am not likable to many. Even God has time to be likable to everyone. He is blamed for the virus and economic problems, so it is hard for Him to be liked. Imagine after a big natural disaster, or the death of a loved one, God’s likability drops. The only likable all the time is the one who yields to your ego and ignorance. Those people are not your true friends, as they are not interested in your growth. Let’s start with something small. Hope you like this thought. — Satish Daryanani