If you tell people that God talks to you, they will think you are crazy. Others will think you are talking to God but the mind is playing tricks on you. God tests you to see your obedience, your love and focus, whether you have the patience to wait for the answers and the correct attitude to implement them. Then comes the last, but most important factor—Grace. Only then can you listen to the voice of God. You reach a stage where there is only you and God. Everything else in the world is white noise disturbing your time with God. Deal with it as quickly as you can and move on to the ever-presence of God. You need not advertise this Grace. People will test you, asking you to predict the future. Honestly, if someone has God, he will not ask or be concerned about anything in the future. Once you attain this gift, it is permanent. The signal works in Heaven or Hell, in the human or astral form, this birth or the next. There is no difference in your life, as you and the Lord are now one and the same. Your buddy is with you even if you sometimes get distracted by the world, waiting patiently to start a conversation with you again. If someone asks you to describe the conversation with God, the only answer is, “AAAHHH!” — Satish Daryanani

Talking with God