We love listening to music, the various sounds of nature, the wonderful words describing the love of God, and the teachings that inspire us. It is difficult to not listen to things that displease us. So what does God sound like?  Does He have a deep voice or a gentle soft voice? To hear God we first must hear the unspoken word. The hum which takes place from the earth’s rotation is similar to Om, Shalom, Amen and other words that hum. The hum created is in the vibration of a proton, newtron and electron of an atom. That is the vibration of sound. Eventually, when we hear God, it’s in the language we speak, the speed with which we speak and the vocabulary we can grasp. You will be able to understand. How will you differentiate between the words from God and the words from your own mind? The disparity between the words from God and my sick mind makes it easy for me to know to whom I am listening to. Satish Daryanani