You know the age of a person, not by their looks, but by the way they talk. If they only talk about the past, they must be senior citizens. They have nothing to look forward to, so they can only indulge in the past. My spiritual Master used to say, “Onward, Forward, Godward.” There is so much to see that there is no time to think of the past. I have so many pictures of my Spiritual Masters, my friends and family, and my trips that I have never gone back to see. I can take a picture, but I should delete it right away, as the moment is over. If I spend looking at all my past pictures, I will not be taking new ones. The lens of my mind will only be consumed with the past. Even in spirituality, there is no use thinking of past wisdom or experiences. There is so much more out there that I will miss opportunity if I live in the past. The future shows up when we are young at heart. We are like children looking forward to whole lives yet to live and experience. — Satish Daryanani

elder's hand on old photos