In the movie, “Black Water,”  a lawyer spends 8 years of his life going after the DuPont company. He left his easy, successful life to pursue his beliefs. When you do this, you are tested and may, like many, feel like giving up. The resolve to always speak the truth is not easy. Your belief in leading a spiritual life in the service of others comes at a price, like suicide bombers who die believing in their causes. It is important to have the right guide so your beliefs lead you in the correct direction. When I was young, I used to believe that one day, I would die and be reborn. Now I know there is no birth or death. My identification from this body has gone. I believe now only in having fun and helping others to discover this fun. Do so much good in this birth that you do not suffer after death. Live knowing everything is perfect. My last belief is that the grace of all my Masters will guide me through every experience that will make me grow.— Satish Daryanani

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