When we take loans, we have to pay interest plus the principal. If we cannot pay, we can file Chapter 7 and we are free from the loan. After 7 years, your credit history is clean. How fortunate we can be free of the monetary loans after 7 years. How about the loan of love, of wisdom, of grace, of peace? Those who get this loan cannot even pay a small percentage of the interest. They are crushed with the debt of this loan for life. The bar is so high you cannot even come close to it. All you can do is shed tears with the pain of this burden. You may get a chance to reduce this debt by sharing this wealth. Unfortunately, there are no takers. Hopefully with every breath, you are aware of that grace and live in the permanent pain of gratitude. There is only one question, “Why me, oh Lord?” — Satish Daryanani

Illustration of man pushing mighty dollar up a slope.

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