External lockdown closes off the outside so we can unlock the inside. This is an examination by God given to each one of us. He has given us blank sheets of paper that will require 3 weeks to fill out, a nice pen, a table, and lots of free time. What we fill these pages with is subjective. No grades will be given. We will be examining our own papers. When the lockdown ends, after 3 weeks and we are free again, we will know what grade we deserve. I hope, with 3 weeks of going inward, we might end up with a few more saints. We already are saints but, maybe, a few will discover this truth. All I can tell you is that, if you enjoyed these 3 weeks, you will end up writing to all the politicians to extend the lockdown for an additional 3 weeks, as there is so much more to discover from within.— Satish Daryanani

Test, written on a black board