Today we look back at the year gone by. For many years, I spent New Year’s Eve in the presence of my spiritual Masters. This way there was no looking back, only looking ahead with the love of my life. Now I am not just looking back at this year but also at all the experiences over the years. Every year has its own charm. I cannot say one year was better than another, as everything in life has its pluses and minuses. This year helped me become completely detached from the illusion of this world. This has truly been a blessing in disguise. It may take the end of the year to realize this, as in the heat of the moment our minds may not be calm enough to see the benefits of what we go through. Indirectly, there is no perfect or imperfect year—there is only a delay in our understanding. So, thank you my dear friend, 2021. You have really changed me by making me see life with a whole new lens. Satish Daryanani