Looking back in life, I find that simple things made me happy—a bicycle, a black and white television, dreaming of a small window air-conditioner, summer holidays, an ‘A in my examination, meeting my spiritual Master and getting a smile, just trying to enjoy a moment of thoughtless state and, hopefully, one day, experiencing God. Now that I have everything yet, there is something missing. What is it? I have nothing to look forward to. All that I dreamed of and wanted is fulfilled. Satisfaction comes with a price. Now, I live each day, looking for something to excite me, like the number of steps I take, removing some ignorance about life, confusing someone with spirituality, or trying to see the world through God’s eyes. Anything to keep me going. Boy, longing for my first bicycle was much easier and probably made me happier than even driving a car today. — Satish Daryanani