The 91st Academy Awards ceremony was the first time the Oscars were broadcast without a host, as they could not find a perfect candidate in time. Many people keep on dating, hoping to find their perfect life partner. Poor real estate agents get tired of showing people the perfect home they want. The perfection that you seek does not exist. It is only in your head. Even those who might get to see God may want a refund. God is too white or too dark, too tall or too short, or does not have a good smile, or looks too old or too young. He, too, might get rejected. We want to find a better God. We, human beings, are never satisfied. Even to find the perfect restaurant or a product, we spend more time studying the reviews rather than actually eating the food or using the product. Honestly, it is our own imperfections that push us to find perfection from outside. We find faults in everything because we are not satisfied with being in our own skin. Our state of mind is flawed, so the whole world is flawed. It is only when you find the perfect one that is inside each and everyone, will you be able to see the perfection in every atom of the universe. — Satish Daryanani