In the movie, “The Croods,” the hero is looking for a place called “Tomorrow.” We only look for tomorrow, as we expect it to be better than the place we are in today. Even Disney World has a Tomorrowland. In my today land, I am surrounded by everything I need now—perfect wisdom that can be enjoyed today, perfect technology that keeps us comfortable, without enslaving us. We can still drive a car today, and that pleasure will also go away one day. We need not talk about the good old days, as the best is now. Seeking tomorrow is like seeking a rainbow. It may look good but it is not real. Today is Sunday. While you read this, do you prefer tomorrow, which is Monday? Tomorrow I will be one day older. My older person of tomorrow will miss my youth of today. Tomorrow, which never comes, is only created for the appreciation of what we already have. This movie did a good job of explaining that. So, all I am looking for in life is for today not to end.— Satish Daryanani