A big “L” is put on the forehead of losers. Fans even boo their home team when they are losing. There are many options and rewards for winners. Losers have nothing but misery and some even commit suicide. Parents even bribe their children with gifts when they win but give nothing if they lose. We give no credit to the efforts they put in, only focus on the results. Who are the real winners and losers? The real winners are the ones who have won the heart of the Lord, those who have served and received blessings without the recipient knowing who helped them. They live in peace, knowing they are doing their best as an offering to the Lord, while being free from the results of their actions. The world may call them losers, yet they smile knowing they are winning grace from God. Their joy comes from others who think they have beaten them. They encourage losers in life by telling them the lessons they are learning from their loss. The letter “L” on their foreheads is changed from “Losers” to “Love for All.” They have won the gift of realizing the true value of this human birth and the purpose of life—That is to enjoy the fun of losing. —Satish Daryanani

Loser - Man with hand in L position in face