Many people do not want to take the vaccine because they are told they must do so. Smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol, drugs and eating non-vegetarian food is okay as it is their choice. Even when auto-driven cars are perfected, people will still hold on to the steering wheels of their vehicles tightly. I am also a control freak but, lately, I have been put in so many situations that has made me aware that nothing is in my control. Letting grace take over completely is not easy even though you are free from running your life. You can enjoy life sitting in a limousine and not having to deal with traffic jams. Then, where will your desires and the results of your actions go if you are doing nothing? Your desires are thrown in a garbage can and the results of your deeds or karma are stored in an abandoned warehouse. Now there is no one to claim the assets or liabilities. Your destiny is no longer in your hands. You gave up control willingly or unwillingly. Enjoy being a passenger in the story of your life. Satish Daryanani