When I was young, my spiritual Master asked me to give up alcohol, non-vegetarian food, and gambling. I did  so to please Him. Sometimes, we give up things because doctors advise us to for our health. Then, we give up things in a business deal with God. “I will not do this anymore so you can do that for me in return.” One day, an aspirant reaches a stage where he start losing interest in the things that consume his life. He starts giving up things because he does not enjoy them anymore. For example, I used to love watching live basketball, football, and concerts. Now, I no longer get enjoyment from them. Even my interest in traveling has reduced. The worldly things that consumed you do not enslave you. Automatically, the desire to accumulate money is not there, yet, the ability to do good for others motivates you to earn. When it is not for yourself, the highs and lows of profit and loss do not control your life. Even the game of making money does not interest you. So, what is it that keeps you going? It is discovering all that God knows and experiencing all that the great Masters experience, helping others experience what you have experienced, and living a life that would not displease the Lord. Finally, you may get bored and ask God, “Do You still need me around?” God is smart. By making you lose interest in everything and yet not losing complete interest in life, He takes you through different stages. You will always be entertained by the infinite peace and wisdom within you.—Satish Daryanani

Bored ape