Youth is something we can never get back. When he was in his 90s, the comedian, George Burns, was asked about his youth  He preferred his old-age, as, during his youth, he struggled financially and did not have the success that he achieved when he became older. Yes, youth is good but, experience and wisdom compensate for losing the benefits of a younger body. I prefer where I am now in life rather than being young again. Though the body ages, being young at heart is permanent. We don’t need to say, “When I was young, I could do this or that.” We can enjoy our state of mind today. In our youth, we leave everything for later, but with age, we want to experience everything now. Believe me, I would not be able to write this when I was young, as my mind was always in the gutter. Thank God for our evolution. We move from the physical to the mental and end up being spiritual.— Satish Daryanani