When airlines lose your baggage, you get compensated. There could be profit or loss, depending upon what was in your luggage. In my case, every time they lose my luggage, I end up with a profit. My clothes do not have much value. If you are attached to your possessions in the suitcase, you will be sad. We all are carrying our luggage with us. I wish the airline would lose the baggage of our lives. Some carry so much luggage that the airlines have to put a “heavy” tag on the bags. You can hurt your back carrying this excess weight. As years go by, our baggage gets heavier with more possessions, memories, attachments, ego, and desires. The compensation for losing this luggage is not monetary. Instead, it is freedom from all the loads you have carried. This is losing the real weight of our lives. This feeling is better than losing fifty pounds of luggage. So start small, by making your travel baggage light and of less value so that every time your baggage arrives, you are disappointed as you lost a chance to profit from your lost baggage. — Satish Daryanani

Businesswoman missing luggage