When you become a spy, you sacrifice your life, your family, and all that is near and dear to you—country is above everything. Your identity is changed. You have to train to be ready to be tortured and even be ready to die. All this sacrifice is for the ever shifting borders of your country. You sacrifice everything for today’s enemy and, a few years later, the enemy can become an ally. We fall in love with our country and give up so much for a temporary residence. Yet, how many would do all this to attain God, which leads to a permanent residence? All that is required is love for God, over everything else. No physical suffering is required. The only training required is to occupy the mind with God. Nothing else matters. It is not something tangible, so people are not willing to sacrifice. The reward is the same: You are beating the enemy. In this case, the enemy is your mind. Once this is conquered, it too becomes your ally. Instead of protecting your country’s borders, you are removing the border between God and yourself. Those who have so much love and are willing to sacrifice for their country can easily attain God. All they have to do is change their love for country to their love for God. — Satish Daryanani

illustration of a spy