When my spiritual Master came to visit us in our town, we would make an elevated stage so everyone could see Him when He spoke and be able to hear the teachings. Similarly, organizations are created for the Masters to spread the teachings. They, too, are only platforms. Yet, most people get attached to the platform and not the teachings. I see many people speak with the microphone on the streets of New York about how Jesus Christ died for our sins. That is all they talk about, not any of the other teachings He spread by actually practicing them. We get stuck on the teacher, the organization, or the religion but never the true essence of what is told to us. The stage I used is of no use, as my Master left His body. It is only wood. The Master is now an image and memories. The only thing that matters is the implementation of the teachings and actually experiencing all that the Master experienced. Christ, too, went on the cross to show us the benefits of surrender. Yet, how many truly surrender? So, be attached only to the teachings, everything else is temporary. — Satish Daryanani

Speaker behind live streaming microphones.