As technology improves, online forms get harder to fill out. Even filing taxes gets more complicated year after year. The only form that has been consistent for thousands of years is the one we fill out for our spiritual evolution. One simple question, what do you want out of life? Many people get stuck and do not know what they really want. The popular answers are peace and happiness.  We are given these gifts but we have lost the ability to enjoy them. Then comes the question, “Who am I?” You already have an answer for that—You want to experience God who is sleeping within and has to be woken up. In the end, you get fed up and give the correct answer—The reason for your spiritual quest is that you have too much time and don’t know what to do with it. Once you give this answer you get a degree that says you have graduated from the school of spirituality. You want to gain nothing; only to not lose what has already been given to you. Satish Daryanani