If you make an offer to buy a property and the seller agrees to all your terms and conditions, the mind will automatically wonder, “It happened too smoothly and easily. Did I overpay?” On the other hand, if you worked hard and argued and then got what you wanted, you will feel you got a great deal; you earned it. People ask me for many things. If I agree immediately, they tell me, “Let me think about it.” The doubt comes. Our minds are funny. Everything that comes easily is the flow of nature. When we overthink, the ego takes control and we lose many great opportunities by not being able to make up our minds. I use this line a lot: “Even if I brought God to you, free of charge and on a platter, you will ask, ‘What is the catch?’” Not everyone in the world is trying to take you for a ride. Sometimes, good things can come with no strings attached. The thought that there is a better deal out there and your desire to not make a mistake by making a quick decision puts barriers in people’s lives. It is better to make a mistake and to learn from it than to do nothing at all. In time, you will be able to make up your mind in a split second. There is a higher power that is there for your growth, not necessarily only for your success. So, make up your mind quickly. Do you want the treasure of all treasures? Then remove the fear of making mistakes by taking quick decisions. Everything is for your good. — Satish Daryanani

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