It takes more time to make your mind understand something than it takes for your entire family to understand it. If you try seriously, it could be a full-time job. First, your naughty mind will not listen. Second, your mind knows you too well, so it knows which buttons to push. If you tell the mind to chant the Lord’s name, it will do it for some time and then give up. Even if you tell it to do something that is good for the mind, like a chant, it will find ways to get out of doing it. Knowing this mind, we cannot blame others for how they use their minds. We are all in the same boat—enslaved by our minds. If anything, we can thank the coronavirus for making us work on our minds. We can make our minds understand that God has given us this opportunity as a gift, to work on ourselves. This is the first time the mind can rest and understand that it is more effective and efficient when used the least. — Satish Daryanani