Man’s laws can differ from one nation to another. In one country, there is a driving-speed limit—in another, there is no speed limit. In one nation, you have to pay taxes, while another nation could be tax-free. In one place, it is legal to drink alcohol; in another alcohol is banned. So there is confusion around man’s laws. God’s laws are universal and the same for all. What are God’s laws? Here are some examples. If we all have to obey God’s law,s then the one who rejoices with the laws is truly obeying the law. Living in permanent peace is another law. To be able to experience the truth, too, is a law. Living in the golden present is a law. Those who realize who the One who made these laws for everyone  is are now free from all the laws. One of my spiritual Masters told me, “Being in business, you sometimes bend or break man’s laws, but, never break God’s law. — Satish Daryanani