Scientists use the term “global warming” to explain the melting of the icebergs. In winter, people who live in cold places wish there was more global warming so they would not have to suffer from chill. Global warming means that we will have more extreme weathers, not just the warming of the earth. So some smart person came up with the idea of calling it “climate change,”rather than global warming. Now the marketing makes more sense. There are some spiritual Masters who have great marketing teams. They end up with millions of disciples. Thank God all my spiritual Masters did not have a great marketing team, otherwise I would not be so fortunate to spend all that time with them. God also does not like to spend money on a marketing team. Atheism is the fastest-growing religion—not because it is God’s fault, but because of the religious leaders who force their views on others. Instead, if spirituality could be marketed that would be great. I think the easiest thing to market is happiness. Everyone wants it. Happiness comes from peace. Peace comes from silence and wisdom. God is the source of peace. If this was marketed correctly, everyone would be spiritual. Religions would be out of business. Yoga became popular with marketing. All we have to add is that the purpose of Yoga is to discover peace and happiness. If we remind everyone that God is the source of peace rather than a Creator, then He, too, will have more customers. It is all in the marketing. — Satish Daryanani

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