Today is the day to thank all our teachers. It is a time to honor all those who have taught us things that have made us better people today than we were yesterday: the spiritual teachers, school teachers, parents, friends, and others. Today, I thank my ultimate teacher, the teacher within. The outside teachers only enable you to find the true Master within. The teachings from outside are not going to satisfy the inner thirst. The Master within knows everything that you need to know and do. All you can do today is to have gratitude for the time and energy you have taken from the outside teachers. To repay, show the world by the way you live how their fingerprint is on you. Today, no words can express what you truly feel for every teacher who has influenced your life and has made you the person you are today. All you can do is thank the Lord for giving so many wonderful angels. — Satish Daryanani

A candle that has shared its light for a long time.